EU-GUARDIAN – European framework and proofs-of-concept for the intelliGent aUtomAtion of cybeR Defence Incident mAnagemeNt.



Indra Sistemas S.A. (Coordinator)

Indra is one of the leading global technology and consulting companies and the technological partner for core business operations of its customers world-wide, with operations in over 140 countries. Currently leading the ECYSAP EDIDP related project and previous actions, and its integration to real National EU defence infrastructures.

Airbus CyberSecurity

ACS is a fully owned subsidiary of Airbus Defense and Space, providing reliable cyber security products and services. Its mission is to protect governments, militaries, organisations and critical national infrastructure from cyber threats, in compliance with the full range of measures required by national cyber agencies.


LDO is a global high-tech player in the Aerospace, Defence and Security. It designs and develops products, services, and integrated dual-use solutions for governments, Armed Forces and institutions, covering every possible operating scenario: air and land, naval and maritime, space and cyberspace.


CYB is an R&D intensive ICT company with ca. 120 employees. Cybernetica has vast and unique experience of building future-proof technologies that rely on R&D and has been part of various research and/or development projects focusing on the defence industry, information security and mission critical systems around the world.


BNR is a software development company. It has successfully participated in NATO - Alliance Ground Surveillance and currently taking part in EDIDP-ESC2S-2019. Interoperability between novel AI algorithms implementation in a military environment with respect of NATO/MIL standards is a specific area of Bianor expertise.

Bulgarian Defence Institute

BDI is the main scientific-research structure at Bulgarian Ministry of Defence. BDI brings scientific technical expertise the activities for design and construction of integrated communication and information systems for management of the country and the Armed Forces, with an outstanding role in cross-border cooperation, testing, and certification of defence systems within NATO, the European Union and on a bilateral basis.

Universidad de Murcia

UMU provides high expertise in terms of research and transfer of results and knowledge to industry. The more than 40 members of the Intelligent Systems and Telematics Group, belonging to the UMU’s Faculty of Computer Science, participating in EU-GUARDIAN have wide experience in most of the topics being covered by the project such as cybersecurity, ML/DL and reinforcement learning algorithms as well as federated learning, and risk assessment and management.

Sapienza Università di Roma

The Research Center of Cyber Intelligence and Information Security (CIS-Sapienza) will provide a multidisciplinary vision for developing new knowledge and operational methodologies, which derives from previous participation in local and large EU-level I+D+I initatives.

Baltic Institute for Advanced Technology

BPTI is a private, high tech oriented research institute that has expertise in the field of applied R&D for defence use: including RF technologies, training platforms, ML applications for cyber defence in IT and OT environments. The Institute will work on such Working Streams as attack attribution and behavioural-based detection.