EU-GUARDIAN – European framework and proofs-of-concept for the intelliGent aUtomAtion of cybeR Defence Incident mAnagemeNt.



april 10 th, 2024

Save the Date! EU-Guardian 1st Dissemination Workshop | "Innovative Strategies for Intelligent Automation in European Cyber Defence"

Indra is excited to invite you to the EU-Guardian 1st Dissemination Workshop, focusing on "Innovative Strategies for Intelligent Automation in European Cyber Defence."
This event will cover the latest advancements and strategies in cyber defence, showcasing the development and implementation of intelligent automation within Europe.
Join us on April 10th in Sofia, Bulgaria, for an enlightening day exploring the integration of artificial intelligence and big data analytics into the future of European cyber warfare capabilities. Engage with industry experts, participate in insightful discussions, and learn more about the EU-Guardian project supported by the European Commission.
Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity at the Central Military Club.

Oct 9 st, 2023

1st EU-GUARDIAN Technical Workshop

The city of Sofia hosted a workshop under the EU-GUARDIAN project to reach an agreement on common architecture principles, which resulted in significant progress for the project.

 The team worked together confronting the current architecture design with high-level requirements to refine the model. 

The event took place at Hyatt Regency Sofia, with the kind hospitality of Bianor Services.

Sept 1 st, 2023

ARES 2023 - 18th International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security

Marco A. Sotelo and Frida Muñoz attended the ARES Conference 2023 (August 29 – September 1, 2023 Benevento, Italy) in representation of Indra Company to present EU-GUARDIAN recent work on Cognitive warfare and Cognitive biases.

July 15 th, 2023

1st Plenary Meeting of the EU-GUARDIAN project

The event coordinated by Indra took place in Madrid arranged across three working days, from 12 to 14 July 2023. 

- Day 1(12/07) started by talking about the overall progress of the project and the shared objectives, and ended with technical summaries of the tasks addressed. 

- Day 2 (13/07) allowed partners to present Uses Cases while highlighting design principles and progress reports to the EC. 

- Day 3 (14/07) concluded with fruitful internal exchanges. Satisfaction with the work done and the lessons learned will drive EU-GUARDIAN running in the coming months.The consortium discussed the progresses made in the work packages and set out the next key steps.

June 23 rd, 2023

JNIC 2023 - The Spanish Cybersecurity Research Conference

Marco A. Sotelo Monge and Marta Irene García Cid attended JNIC 2023 (June 21-23, Vigo) in representation of Indra Company to present the EU-GUARDIAN approach to the main stakeholders of research in cybersecurity.

May 18 th, 2023

EU-GUARDIAN presence during ECYSAP sibling project Workshop

Representatives of the EU-GUARDIAN consortium and other similar projects were invited to present the projects during the Workshop "Strengthening cooperation with European R&D projects". The workshop was organized by the sibling European project on cyber situational awareness ECYSAP as part of the III International Security and Defence Fair (FEINDEF) that took place on May 17, 18 and 19 in Madrid (Spain). This opportunity allowed to analyse the synergies between the different initiatives, establishing stronger alliances and aligning the technical visions of the different solutions for the development of capabilities that make possible to strengthening European Defence systems.

January 26 th, 2023

EU-GUARDIAN kick of meeting

In January, the kick off meeting of the project was held marking the initialization of the activities. 

During the event, representatives of the consortium together with the Project Officer were able to meet in person and align the technical scope before starting the tasks to be carried out during the first months and deliveries of EU-GUARDIAN. Thus, work has begun to promote European capabilities in terms of detection and (semi) automatic management of cyber threats in Defence.