EU-GUARDIAN – European framework and proofs-of-concept for the intelliGent aUtomAtion of cybeR Defence Incident mAnagemeNt.



EU-GUARDIAN is the most ambitious European effort to explore Cyberspace Operations (COs) in the context of the Mosaic Warfare concept. The project aims at creating an AI-based solution that operates and automates large parts of incident management and cyber defence processes. EU-GUARDIAN will focus primarily on the ability to detect, mitigate and respond to security challenges semi-automatically or automatically; support human operators, analysts and decision-makers at all levels; and contributing to enhance cyber situational awareness, military infrastructure resilience and protection against advanced cyber threats.

The project is financed under the Cyber threat intelligence and improved cyber operational capabilities (EDF-2021-CYBER-R-CDAI-2) Grant Agreement of the new European Defence Fund.

By bringing together a heterogeneous ecosystem of Mid-Caps and Large Industrial partners, SMEs and research organizations from 6 Member States, the EU-GUARDIAN Consortium will encourage and strengthen collaborative defence research.